Tarot Card & Intuitive Reading with Moorea Seal

Last week I had my first ever tarot reading! Well, technically it's my second. The first time was in Rome after a couple of glasses of wine in Trastevere. Also, I was really trying to understand the old woman through her Italian and broken English, while I asked her questions in Spanish. Anyway, you could see why it doesn't exactly count in my book.

This time, the tarot reading would be in English and with a woman & entrepreneur I've always admired, Moorea Seal!

Moorea Seal is the author of several books that have helped many, including me, gain clarity, make their houses homes, and just become more aware of their overall wellness. Here are some of my favorites, in case you're interested in checking her out!

Left to right: (MooreaSeal.com and brick-and-mortar store are temporarily paused/closed due to COVID-19, but you can also find all of these linked below.)

1. 52 Lists for Calm

2. 52 Lists for Happiness

3. The 52 Lists Project

4. 52 Lists Postcards

5. 52 Lists Planner

Anyway, the tarot reading would be over ZOOM because Moorea is located in Seattle and I'm in Salinas. Also, with the COVID 19 pandemic and all of us having to stay home, this is a new way for Moorea to not only be able to stay afloat during trying times, but to give back to her community. I'm telling you, she's awesome (she's also currently hosting karaoke nights, so definitely follow her on Instagram for that)!

Moorea began by explaining the tarot cards she would be using for the reading. It was all new information to me, but it was fascinating and even had me interested in researching more after the reading.

She proceeded to ask if I had an interest in knowing more about a specific area in my life. My career is currently at a crossroads, and so I asked for more clarity on what my next career steps could, would, should look like.

She pulled 3 cards, each representing either my past, present, or future. The first card, my past, was the Death card.

Photo by Moorea Seal of my Tarot Card Reading

Like the description explains, the Death card can be scary to see at first. But Moorea explained that this is a symbol for transformation or the end of something. She obviously went into more detail and I could definitely relate it back to my current situation.

Now, I didn't explain my life to Moorea beforehand. She is quite intuitive and is reading what she feels these cards represent specifically for you. So when she explained this card, I was a bit amazed at how well it explained my career experience from the past few years.

The second card that she explained to me that represented the current stage of my career was the Father of Swords.

Photo by Moorea Seal of my Tarot Card Reading

As the description states, the Father of Swords card is fair and analytical. Moorea explained that this card meant that I needed to be cut and dry about what I want and do not want out of my career. She gave me some helpful and very on-brand "list" ideas.

And again, it totally hit the nail on the head because these past few weeks, all I've been doing is planning and researching for my next career move.

The final card she explained to me as representing my future was the Son of Wands.

Photo by Moorea Seal of my Tarot Card Reading

The Son of Wands card was the one I had to look up and read about a little more after my reading. The card is described as charming and adventurous.

Moorea explained that all three cards were pretty major cards, but that she saw things getting less intense for me when it came to my career. She described it as me being on a bike rolling smoothly downhill.

After, I explained what my current career journey was and she agreed that it sounded pretty accurate when explaining it against the cards.

Now, I feel like many of you may be curious about this reading because you may be religious or scared that this is sacrilegious in some way. I'll share with you, I am Catholic and I am also a spiritual person. I believe in God, but I also believe that there are unexplained ways that people are able to communicate with God or the Universe to bring guidance to others. This is my opinion.

And in my opinion, tarot readings, as long as you trust the person doing the reading and know their good intentions, are not negative.

I felt comfortable with Moorea and she was kind, explained things thoroughly, and made sure I felt empowered with the information she was providing to me.

Photo by Moorea Seal of my Tarot Card Reading

If you have questions at all, Moorea is the sweetest and I'm sure would be happy to answer your questions. Connect with her on Instagram, and check her website out to see what she and her store are all about.

To schedule a tarot reading with her ($20 for a 30 minute reading) go to the link here: https://calendly.com/mooreaseal/tarot?month=2020-04.

If you have any questions for me, I am an open book and would love to share more about my personal experience.

Do you have a tarot card reading experience you'd like to share? I'm totally curious to know about others' experiences!

Thanks for reading!

-The B of V

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