Candytopia Pop-Up in San Francisco

Whenever there's a fun and interactive new museum or exhibit in the city, you know the Instagram Boyfriend and I will be there!

Upon arriving to Candytopia San Francisco, located right on Market Street just off of Stockton, the street I used to live on back in college (gosh I'm old), we were greeted by the colorful signs and candy art of Frida Kahlo visible to the public.

It was a cold November afternoon in San Francisco, so we were excited to be immediately welcomed in to see the magical looking "Candytopia" marquees everywhere!

It was fun to see the families entering the building along with us with wide smiles across their faces! Unlike the Museum of Ice Cream and more like the Color Factory, you're grouped, but there is no pressure to stay within that group of guests the entire time. It was also nice to not feel rushed to take our photos and admire the candy art at our own pace.

The staff was so incredibly "sweet" and made you feel like you were in a real life Wonka Factory.

Candytopia is a perfect place for families and children, but, seeing as Joey and I are like big kids ourselves, we had a blast too!

To get to the main exhibits, you go down a dimly lit escalator with music reminiscent of that Willy Wonka Tunnel scene (in the best way possible). You are immediately jolted into a colorful playground that reminded me of a happy mini version of Munchkinland (yes, we're going to go with all the whimsical film references in this one).

At first, it was just a cool looking room that we pretty much thought we could skip through, but with the Candytopia app, we were able to have a Virtual Reality experience! The caricatures on the walls would come to life! It was definitely a playground, but for kids and adults alike.

And of course, there were animals, benches, houses, all built out of CANDY! We were also given candy at the end of almost every room. This is kinda awesome for me as a type 1 diabetic who always needs to have a little something sweet in my purse in case of emergencies!

One of our favorite rooms was the art gallery! I love art museums in general, but art made out of candy, AHH-MAZINGNESS!

There were portraits of celebrities like Prince to Tony Bennett to Cardi B, as well as legendary people and characters like Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka! Plus, there was an epic mirror throne (similar to the one from Game of Thrones, but with less of an "off with their heads" vibe)!

As we continued to wander through the Candytopia maze, we encountered more wall art meant to trick the eye, massive beach balls, and an underwater experience all made of scrumptious sweets!

Just before reaching the final room, we were met with a confetti shower and a Madame Tussaud's wax figure of Robin Williams! Joey was ecstatic!

Last, but not least, was the marshmallow pool! Joey didn't jump in because he has an aversion to all things sticky (yes, he knew the marshmallows weren't real, but he just wasn't going to risk it). I on the other hand, dived in and didn't want to get out, or should I say, couldn't!

At the end of the experience, there is a cool little gift shop where you can buy pretty much any type of candy you can think of. I bought a couple of souvenirs for the nieces and nephews, but trust me, I wanted everything for myself!

If I had to rank this experience in order of my favorite San Francisco pop ups from this past year, I would say this is place is definitely in my top 2. Ok, fine, I'll rank them:

1. Color Factory

2. Candytopia

3. 29 Rooms

4. Museum of Ice Cream

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Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!

-The B of V

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