Designer Dupes Shopping Guide

I love designer fashion: the elaborate runways, the nonsensical magazine ads. And although I love my 10-month old Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag, I can't afford to shop designer on a regular basis.

I'm not a huge fan of Louis Vuitton dupes that have "JU's" instead of "LV's" or tacky and obvious misprints, but if they're classy and not too shabby, then hey, I'm all in!

So here are a handful of designer look-a-likes that are still very stylish without shouting, "I'm an imposter!"

Splurge: Kendra Scott, $90

Steal: YUJIAXU Framed Oval Faux Druzy Chic Choker Necklace + Drop Earrings Jewelry Set, $13

Splurge: Alexander McQueen, $345

Steal: Chikamika Skull Scarf, $7

Splurge: Cartier, $6,300

Steal: Titanium Steel Love Bracelet Buckle, $24

Splurge: Valentino, $1,045

Steal: Studded Strappy Block Heels, $38

Splurge: Cult Gaia, $158

Steal: Obosoyo Women's Handmade Bamboo Handbag, $35

Splurge: Gucci, $430

Steal: Earnda Women's Leather Belt, $9

Splurge: Gucci, $550

Steal: GG Leather Belt, $21

Splurge: Gucci, $395

Steal: Red Green Stripe Headbands, $19

Splurge: Saint Laurent, $410

Steal: SOJOS Heart Shaped Sunglasses, $9

Splurge: Chloe, $1,550

Steal: Yoome Elegant Rivet Bag, $59

Splurge: Quay, $60

Steal: MEETSUN Fashion Sunglasses, $13

Splurge: Louis Vuitton, $1,500

Steal: Miracle Premium Checkered Waist Belt Bag, $23

Splurge: Saint Laurent, $1,150

Steal: Fashion Flap Crossbody Bag, $24

Splurge: Valentino, $975

Steal: MERUMOTE Women's Rivets Studs Strap Flats, $50

Also feel free to screenshot the image below to shop all of the STEAL items via the Like to Know it app! And don't forget to follow me on the app as well!

Happy Shopping!

-The B of V

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