My Trip to Seattle, Washington

Last Summer, two of my best friends and I went on a short, but exciting trip to Seattle. None of us had ever been so we were definitely looking forward to knew experiences and memories to be made!

On the first day of our trip, we arrived in Seattle in the early afternoon after a morning of travel and airports. We checked in to the hotel located about 10 minutes walking distance from the Space Needle, and then began our adventure into Seattle!

We headed through the city and towards the waterfront where we would spend most of our first day. We briefly passed by the Amazon Spheres, Pike Place Market, and the Seattle Aquarium as we made our way to our first stop, an Argosy tour of Seattle!

The weather was warm and the sun was out and being on a ferry looking and learning about Seattle and it's skyline was so amazing! I definitely recommend going on one of these tours when you're visiting. I think it was great that it was the first activity we did because we had the chance to see the city as a whole and then dive deeper as the days went on.

After a photo opp off the boat, we walked over to Pioneer Square for our next stop of at the Seattle Underground Tour!

I was kind of anxious for this because I knew it would be fun but also creepy. And it was both, but definitely more entertaining than anything. The tour guide was hilarious, but knowledgeable. This was probably one of my favorite points of the entire trip! So I highly recommend you book a tour while you're in Seattle.

After the tour and dinner at a nearby Halal Guys, we walked back towards the waterfront to check out the Seattle Great Wheel.

I am terrified of heights, and to be honest, 85% of the time we were on the wheel, I was terrified. But we went at the perfect time to watch the sunset. It was mesmerizing and a view I will always remember.

From here we took an Uber back to the hotel to rest after a long day.

On our second day (our first full day in Seattle), we started early by walking up hill towards the Starbucks Reserve on Capitol Hill. The Starbucks Reserve is a cool combination of a Starbucks cafe, museum, library, and so many other things! Immediately walking in, it of course smells like an immaculate cup of coffee. We wandered around the pastries first and studied the menus to try and decide on a beverage. I opted for a delicious Princi custard pastry and a refreshing Sparkling Citrus Espresso.

After enjoying the different methods used to brew coffee, we browsed the gift shop area. I came home with a travel mug I still use almost daily.

From Capitol Hill, we walked towards the waterfront to Pike Place Market.

This marketplace is lively, loud, and eclectic. I think I could spend an entire day just people watching and eating here! It's fun to watch the fisherman throwing fish around, people yelling out what they're selling and at what price, and the sound of musicians at every corner playing passionately for the tourist crowds.

Right under the market is Post Alley where the famous Seattle Gum Wall is located. The gum wall, established in the early 1990's, is a landmark and almost a trademark attached to the grunge scene that was also established in Seattle. My friends and I, of course, left our own Bubble Yum memento there.

By this time, we were getting hungry. We were planning to chow down on some signature Seattle chowder, but the line to order was long, so we grabbed a drink from Rachel's Ginger Beer. I went with a super yummy Pink Guava flavor.

After a bit of a wait, we finally got our food at Pike Place Chowder. I ordered both the New England and Salmon Clam Chowder because if you know me, you know, I LOVE CLAM CHOWDER! They were both beyond delicious.

Now that we were stuffed, it was time for the next item on the itinerary! The Seattle Aquarium is right on the waterfront and pretty fun experience, no matter your age. There are seahorses, sea otters, sea lions, and so many more cute animals to see. The octopus exhibit was actually my favorite because it felt so up close and immersive. Definitely a must-see if you go!

Although it was still a little early for dinner, we headed back up to Capitol Hill to reserve a table. While we waited, we decided to head across the street to Neko Cat Cafe. It was my dream come true. It could possibly be the happiest times I've ever been. We cooled off with an apple ale and then my friends waited for me as I went in to play with the cats! I was on cloud 9!

Once it was time to get our table, we headed back to Fogon Cocina Mexicana. The restaurant had a younger crowd and very exciting vibe. It was a Friday night, so people were probably getting ready for a night out.

We each got tostadas as an appetizer and a much needed hibiscus margarita. For my entree, I chose chicken mole enchiladas with rice and beans. It was definitely what I needed after a long day of walking, laughing, and petting cats! For dessert, we shared an order of churros. And, I mean, can you ever go wrong with churros?!

After dinner, we called it a night and spent the rest of the evening in our room laughing and chatting.

Our third day in Seattle started with a trip to buy some doughnuts from Top Knot Doughnuts. After buying a few to-go, we headed over to the Amazon Spheres. The Amazon Spheres is actually a unique workplace environment for those on the Amazon team. But once a month, the Spheres are open to the public. We were lucky enough to have made reservations and be there during public visiting hours.

The Spheres house plants and nature that make it almost seem like you're in the Amazon! It's a bit humid in their, but all-in-all a very relaxing and almost therapeutic experience. There are areas where you can relax and just enjoy the surroundings.

There is a General Porpoise located inside the Amazon Spheres. I grabbed a cappuccino and enjoyed my doughnuts and coffee while surrounded by the best of friends and exotic plants.

After many photo opps and going up and down levels of the Spheres, we went onto the next item on our itinerary, the famous Seattle Space Needle! I was terrified. Like with the Great Wheel before, I was terrified of the idea of being so high up in the sky!

The elevator ride was probably the worst part. But once we were up there, it was pretty great! The view from above was spectacular! A definite highlight of the entire trip!

We were pretty hungry by now and so we walked right over to Collections Cafe, which is decorated with toys, accordions and other strange antiques. Here I had my second round with a bad low blood sugar, but I managed to enjoy a dungeness crab roll, fries, and pretty drink that I can't even remember what it consisted of because it was very strong.

Also located in the Seattle Center are the Museum of Pop Culture and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.

We went first to the Museum of Pop Culture. Here we saw items that were worn, created, and owned by artists like Prince, as well as exhibits that focused on the works of Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

We even spent some time playing some funny video games in an exhibit by Nintendo.

The most interesting part of the museum would probably the exhibits focused on different film genres. Here you could find costumes from the Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter and props from The Walking Dead and Alien.

Once we'd traveled through all of the exhibits, we walked over to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. This museum is a stunning example of a very different type of art exhibit by artist Dale Chihuly. The glass sculptures are presented in such an elegant way, sometimes indoors, other times blending in with nature. I wish we could have spent more time here, but there were a lot of people.

If you want to get a shot inside the stunning Glasshouse, you pretty much just have to wait til the coast is clear and be quick. And I mean, it's kind of the perfect place to sit and wait. It's so peaceful to look up at the glass and Space Needle up above at a distance.

My friend had done her research before planning the rest of our evening and suggested we go up to Queen Anne to watch the sunset from Kerry Park. We got to Kerry Park just in time to watch the sunset and grab a prime spot before a bunch of kids going to prom showed up!

Our trip was at the end of May, but it still got a little chilly. I recommend checking the weather so you know how to prepare and best enjoy the sunset.

It was dinnertime! We actually had not done our research as to where to go for dinner this night, so we quickly looked on Yelp for a place that had the best dumplings! We took an Uber to the International District because the restaurant was close to closing.

We managed to get a table at Dough Zone Dumpling House and we went all out, ordering chicken won ton soup, chicken pot stickers and pork soup dumplings. With our bellies content, we headed back to the Space Needle because our ticket allowed us to go up twice in one day. We wanted to see what Seattle looked like from above at nighttime.

It was just as scary for me going up the elevator, but it was cool to be up there at night. You could see people on dates and admiring the city on the benches outside. It's a really romantic idea, but also just a great time to see the city all lit up.

We called it a night after this and walked back to the hotel. Yes, my feet hurt.

The fourth day, which was also our last day in Seattle, we slept in a little and instead of breakfast, started our day with brunch. We walked towards Belltown where we would be in line for some yummy food at Biscuit Bitch. Yes, that's what it's called.

Biscuit Bitch has a few different locations in Seattle, but we picked the one closest to our hotel so we could walk. Again, we had to wait in line because it is a popular place. Here, I ordered a Hot Mess Bitch, as well as a Proud Bitch which is a cold coffee beverage with proceeds going to LGBTQ organizations.

I think besides the clam chowder, Biscuit Bitch is a must try when visiting Seattle! The menu items have hilarious names, and the staff is usually just as funny.

One place I had on my list of places to visit while in Seattle was Moorea Seal. Moorea Seal is a Seattle based author (check out my post of my Tarot Reading with her, as well as some of her books I recommend) with a boutique of the same name.

Walking into Moorea Seal is like a dream! I love the decor and everything is so beautiful! It was hard not to buy everything I wanted, but I limited my purchases to a "Shit Show" candle and "Badass" necklace.

As I mentioned before, it was Summer and the weather was pretty warm. We were a bit overheated from walking all over the place so we stopped at Gelatiamo for a scoop of refreshing gelato. I picked a scoop of vanilla and another of horchata. Yummy!

Now, it was time for another walk up to Pioneer Square to sit and admire the UPS Waterfall Garden Park. This park is a great place to sit down and read a book, chit chat, or just watch nature at it's finest.

This was sadly our last stop on the Seattle itinerary. From here we stopped at our hotel to grab our luggage and then headed out to the airport.

We grabbed a Beecher's grilled cheese sandwich at the airport, since we didn't get to try one at Pike Place, and headed to our gate.

We arrived back in San Jose pretty late, but happy to be heading home.

Seattle was amazing! We saw so much, but there is still much more I want to explore! I hope I can go back soon.

Have you been to Seattle? What's one place you recommend visiting or checking out while there? Let me know! I'd love the recommendations!

Interested in seeing more from my trip to Seattle? Check out my IGTV video here or by clicking the photo below!

Thanks for reading!

-The B of V!

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