My Trip to Las Vegas

Last September, my friends and I went on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, Nevada. I had been there before a handful of times, but it was my friends' first time there!

We flew from San Jose to Las Vegas on a weekday evening and arrived to a very windy Sin City.

Before exploring The Strip, we checked into our room at the Paris Hotel & Casino. I had never stayed at this hotel before, but it was beautiful and really spacious. I mean, we honestly didn't spend too much time here, but it was a great space to come back to late at night.

Now it was time to explore The Strip. I had not been to Vegas for at least 5 years since the last time I went to the Magic Trade Show. It actually looked different to me now, but I don't think it really changed that much. I think maybe my memory just isn't that great.

Anyway, we walked down the LINQ Promenade where we chowed down on some In-n-Out Burger and bought an insanely large spiked daiquiri. Then we continued down the very windy Strip to admire the gleaming and glittering hotels like the Flamingo, Treasure Island, and the Venetian among many others. We also caught the Bellagio Fountains show to the tune of Cher's "Believe".

We did explore some hotels from the inside (and shopped a bit) but only briefly. We were tired from the week, plus from a long night of walking down almost the entire Strip and back.

Our first full day in Vegas began with a light breakfast at the Starbucks inside of The Cosmopolitan. Then we kinda of just wandered around the hotel and The Chandelier of the hotel which is literally a life-size chandelier, but also a bar.

It was a beautiful and hot day on The Strip, so being able to hop through one hotel & casino to the next was kinda perfect.

The next stop was the Bellagio, but of course we had to catch another fountain show. This time the water danced to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Then, we wandered inside to explore the stunning botanical garden and moving sculptures inside. I believe the botanical garden changes seasonally, so definitely stop by to see what showstopping exhibit they have going on.

Other hotels we stopped in included Caesar's Palace, Mirage, and Treasure Island. We even browsed some of the high end designer boutiques, fell in love with things, and sadly parted with them.

We also had a quick bite at The Halal Guys located inside of Caesar's Palace. As you can tell, it's one of my favorite places to eat (I also mentioned it during my Seattle trip).

Oh and I should mention, we attempted to gamble on some cheap slot machines but after only winning a whopping $0.23, we decided to just keep moving along.

A spot that one of my friends had on their "must-try" list was the Sugar Factory. Here we shared a huge "Watermelon Patch," a drink designed and tasted by Pitbull. It was dramatic, sweet, and strong! We left feeling a little extra "happy" to be going on to Circus Circus.

At Circus Circus, we had so much more fun than we could have ever had gambling. We watched an acrobatics show and played arcade games before taking an Uber to the Neon Museum located off of The Strip.

The Neon Museum was my absolute favorite part of this entire weekend (probably aside from the food tbh)! There are so many really cool pieces from the old Las Vegas here that look so cool and it's just really fun to see, especially at sunset. There are tours all day, but there is also a light show at night for those that are interested.

Because we weren't yet tired of bright flashing lights, we took an Uber to the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas! I had never actually been to this part of Las Vegas before, but it was exciting. I mean, my feet were killing me at this point, but it was okay because we weren't necessarily here to walk around. We were here to get on the Slotzilla zip line!

I had zip lined before in Mexico, and so this should be a piece of cake right? Wrong! I was panicking the whole way up the stairs! But, once we were on our way, it was exhilarating! We had debated between the zip line at the LINQ Promenade and Slotzilla, but I think we made the best choice because the Slotzilla line is longer, and honestly just more vibrant and lively.

We were pretty hungry at this point, so we took yet another Uber to the Las Vegas favorite, Tacos El Gordo.

Just forget about the buffets and the expensive drinks and just head over to Tacos El Gordo. You'll thank me later!

After a delicious meal, it was time to be terrified once again.

We headed back into The Strip and back to the LINQ Promenade where we would be going up on the High Roller Observation Wheel. The High Roller is the tallest observation wheel in the world! I actually didn't know that at the time of going up, which is probably a good thing!

After a near panic attack, we headed back to our room at the Paris, no, not to call it a night, rather to get all glammed up to go out! It was one of my friend's birthday so we needed to celebrate!

We chose to go to Omnia Nightclub at Caesar's Palace. It was fun! We danced as much as we could with our hurting feet and a $25 drink in our hands singing the few songs we knew. Oh, memories!

After this of course, we called it a night/morning.

The next morning, we tried to sleep in as much as we could, but we had to pack and get ready to check-out of the hotel. We still had the majority of the day to spend on The Strip, but we were gonna pretty much just keep things relaxed.

We left our luggage at the front desk and walked in the opposite direction from the day before and explored places like Planet Hollywood, New York New York, MGM Grand, Luxor, and Excalibur. I remember when I used to come to Vegas with my family (Idk why you'd bring a child here, but okay), we'd spend most of our time on this side of The Strip.

After much walking, we decided we needed another dose of glamour, so we took an Uber back to The Cosmopolitan to have a drink at The Chandelier.

It was mid-afternoon and we had a few more items on our itinerary which included exploring the Venetian. We even went on an outdoor gondola ride because it was close to sunset (you can choose indoor or outdoor)! The gondolier was nice and he even sang "Happy Birthday" in Italian and English to my friend!

We had some refreshing gelato and macaroons inside the Venetian, and chilled until it was time to catch the final item on the itinerary, the Volcano show outside of the Mirage!

This show is free, you pretty much just have to get there early to grab a good viewing spot. But it's totally worth it!

Now, it was time to head to the Paris, grab our luggage, grab an Uber, and head to the airport. Thankfully, the flight from Vegas to San Jose is a short one. And we were home before we knew it!

Las Vegas is a great place to visit if you're not into time schedules and totally into extravagance and bright lights. I've been to Atlantic City and it has nothing on Las Vegas, in my personal opinion.

Have you been to Vegas? Have you checked out any of these places? Do you have any recommendations? I'd love to know!

Want to see more from my weekend trip to Las Vegas? Click here to watch my IGTV video, or click on the photo below!

Thanks for reading!

-The B of V

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