8 Last Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is fast approaching so it's understandable if the holiday slipped your mind.  Here are a few last minute ideas for a Valentine's Day date with your honey that won't break the bank or any hearts!

1. Beach Date

If you're lucky enough to live on the best coast, which is the west coast, you can consider the beach for a romantic day with your valentine. My boyfriend and I spent last valentine's day eating clam chowder on the beach, napping, dancing, laughing. It was one for the books!

2. Bike Ride

Get the bikes outta storage and head out for a stroll around the closest park to enjoy the day. Maybe venture out to an area you both have wanted to discover for a while.

3. Quick Bite

If you two lovebirds are more foodie types, but also busy people with tight schedules, stop by a bar, pub or restaurant you've been dying to try. Avoid the entrees and desserts and just order an appetizer with a drink.

4. Game Date

Enjoy cheering your favorite team together and attend a game! It doesn't have to be a San Francisco Giants game, it can be a local little league game. Regardless, it's a game and the atmosphere of excitement can result in a really fun date.

5. Coffee Date

No, don't go to a Starbucks or a Peet's. Choose a more eclectic, local coffee shop. It makes the date more intimate and interesting than the same old same old. To make things a bit more fun, order for each other and see if you guys are truly are meant to be!

6. Local Museum

Every town has an important landmark or museum. Check it out with your boo. Whether it's an art exhibit or the first mayor's house, it's always fun to experience and learn alongside the one you love.

7. Movie Night

Sure, you can head to the theater and fight your way to decent seats, or you can curl up with bae to watch each of your favorite movies. You can keep in theme and each select a movie you think is romantic, or you can just pick your overall top movie picks.

8. Gym Time

I'm no gym rat, but sometimes working out with your better half is just what you need after all of those Valentine's Day chocolates. It's also a great way to cheer on and show how much you believe in each other.

Whatever you end up doing to celebrate, I hope you spend it with the ones (or one) you love. It doesn't matter what you do or what you gift each other. What matters is that you let them know how much they mean to you. And I hope you know that I love you all!

Happy Valentine's Day!

-The B of V

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