B of V Reviews: Lash Extensions

Ever thought of getting lash extensions? Read about my experience and then make up your own mind (hint hint: I think you should try them).

I had been debating for months and months whether or not to take the leap and get eyelash extensions. They looked so pretty and I was curious to know what it felt like to have luscious lashes. My natural lashes are average length and I had never worn fake ones so I felt like extensions were a bit drastic.

But after going back and forth for so long, a friend of mine who gets hers done regularly, sent me photos of all of these gorgeous lash extension before and after shots. I was convinced and so I booked my appointment immediately.

The young lady, Esther, who I booked with asked me to be sure that my lashes were clean and clear of any mascara or makeup.

She was incredibly informative (and comforting since I was super anxious!) and told me pretty much everything there is to know about tending to the lash extensions. I was so grateful for that because, to be honest, I wasn't even sure what else to ask besides how long do they last (2-3 weeks) and if I could wear mascara (NO!).

To begin, she placed what looked like eye masks, under my eyes to hold down my bottom lashes. This is to ensure that they don't get stuck to the top ones in the process. She had me close my eyes and they were to stay shut until she was completely done putting on the extensions.

It's totally pain-free, by the way.

She also asked what kind of look I wanted for my lashes; more fullness towards the middle of the eye or cat eye. I went with more fullness towards the inside/middle of the eye.

Esther was incredibly nice and made sure I was never uncomfortable. And two and a half hours later, it was time to open my eyes. She told me to do so slowly, which was good because a couple of them towards the ends did get stuck, a totally normal occurrence.

It was time to look in the mirror. I was so nervous!

As I looked at myself in the mirror, for a second I thought, "O-M-G this is too much for me! I never go out! Why would I think lash extensions were a good idea!?" But Esther assured me that it would take some time to get used to them.

When I got in the car, again, I just stared at my reflection, not knowing what to think. But when I went about my day, my mom, sister and friends reassured me that they looked beautiful and completely natural. My boyfriend told me he liked them if I did. And later that night, I started liking them more and more.

During the first week, my lashes and I had a love-hate relationship. I loved how they looked when I did my makeup in the morning. But throughout the day, if I yawned, or my eyes got watery for any reason, my eyes burned! It was so bad one day that I got home drenched in tears. I wasn't actually crying, my eyes were just incredibly irritated. This is most likely due to the fact that I am probably allergic to the glue.

Now, I'm definitely not saying this is normal or a common thing, it's just what happened to me, so please don't base your decision on my experience. My sister had them done a few days after I did and she was perfectly fine.

The second week was very different and a lot better. I was fluttering my lashes all over the place! I even went without doing my makeup a few days because the lashes were enough. Esther also waxed my eyebrows, so that also played a big part in helping me feel comfortable enough to go makeup-free.

Why didn't I take my lashes off after my experience the first week? Well, because they were pricey (I payed $120, although Esther typically charges $180), and also I was so busy it just had to go on the back burner. But during this second week, I had convinced myself that I would definitely be getting them filled! I LOVED them!

The third week, my lashes started to slowly fall off. Occasionally, I noticed that the lashes that fell off had my actual lash attached to it! OUCH! But again, it happened just a couple of times. Overall, the lashes started to look a little more drab and I had to brush them more often for them to stay in place. At this point, I was debating whether or not to get them done again because it was appointment making time.

In my mind I thought, if I get them done again, it'll probably mean that I will be getting my lashes done for the long-term. If I have them removed, I'll miss having lashes for days, but I don't go out or attend events often enough to justify the cost.

I decided to book my lash extension removal appointment.

Although Esther did an amazing job and I ended up being totally obsessed with how they looked, I decided that lash extensions were not the best decision for me at this point in my life. I think they're perfect for special occasions or events, but my routine currently consists of work and home.

I hope to have an excuse to do them again soon!

Have you had lash extensions? How was your experience? Let me know! I love to hear from all of you!

-The B of V

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