I Let My Mom Dress Me for a Week

My mom is always my number one fan when it comes to my style. So in preparation for Mother's Day, I thought, why not let my mom pick out my outfits for the week?

She was totally up for it and I was excited to see what she managed to put together using all items from my own wardrobe.

Day 1

My mom picked out, in my opinion, some of the most random pieces that sit in my closet. I felt like I was wearing something from Ellen's wardrobe back when her show first debuted.

I like the button up and the iridescent silk camisole, but not together. They are actually pieces I wear often. And I mean, this could work. Maybe with some black jeans and sandals or boots.

As for the pants, I bought them, wore them once to work, and then never again. I'm not a fan of khaki pants. Jake from State Farm can rock them. I cannot.

These sneakers I pretty much only wore to work and to match some of my burgundy hoodies on lazy days or trips to IKEA. I don't usually wear them for "stylistic" purposes. So I thought they were kinda outta place.

Overall Grade: D-

Day 2

I really liked this outfit. I had not worn this top or these jeans in a while, so it was refreshing. The shoes are actually new and it was the first time I wore them. They're comfy and practical, great for everyday wear during the Spring/Summer seasons.

I don't know if I'm totally convinced with the styling. I might have worn a flashier necklace, or maybe just stud earrings and no necklace. All-in-all, mom did a fantastic job with this outfit.

Overall Grade: A-

Day 3

I love button up tops, and I wear them often. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that my mom had chosen a linen button up that pairs really nicely with this wrap skirt.

I would totally put this together myself so I think she knows me well (I mean, she is my mom)!

I'm not a fan of these shoes with the outfit just because I feel like the look is open and fresh and light. I would have chosen a great sandal or even a white sneaker. But then again, the pointy shoe makes my legs appear longer, right?

I definitely would not have thrown on this necklace. I probably would have opted for a hair accessory and bracelet. But, not bad.

Overall Grade: B+

Day 4

This outfit kinda threw me for a loop, but I can see what my mom was going for. Her favorite colors are orange, coral, and reds. I like those colors too, but tend to use them as "pops" and not themes.

I like these pieces individually, obviously since they're in my closet, but not so much together. The top and jeans are great, but maybe with an opposite color shoe or something more muted.

The jeans and espadrilles are great together, but maybe with a lighter colored top, to chambray to keep with the denim vibe.

Definitely not my favorite look of the week, but I didn't look ridiculous or anything.

Overall Grade: C-

Day 5

It was a warm day this time and so my mom wanted me to be comfortable. I think that's why she chose this jumpsuit that I constantly have in rotation during the warmer seasons.

I think she did an excellent job pairing this with sandals. I would have added minimal jewelry, like a necklace or hoops, just for visual interest, but I mean, this was kinda perfect. Totally reminiscent of what I would normally wear.

Overall Grade: A+

Day 6

After a great fashion day, I'm not sure what happened. My mom chose this outfit that reminded me of something I'd wear when I was about 18.

I really like the idea of the monotone look and necklace. The denim jacket is a great addition when you live somewhere where you need layers.

As for the shoes, I would have, again, chosen sandals or less bulky shoes. Not a bad outfit, just not something I would really wear nowadays.

Overall Grade: D+

Day 7

This was the look my mom chose for Mother's Day. I love this jumpsuit because it's totally effortless and doesn't need much to look dressed up.

I don't love or hate the necklace. It goes nicely, but I'd go for something a little more minimal. As for the shoes, I think they are a little mismatched with this jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is a little more boho chic. The shoes are more preppy feminine. I'd definitely go with a heeled sandal or espadrille.

But, I loved this look. It felt comfortable and close to my style.

Overall Grade: B+

I think my mom did a pretty good job!

What do you think? Would you trust your mom to dress you for an entire week?

If you wan't to see more, check out my IGTV video "I Let My Mom Dress Me for a Week" here, or by clicking the image below!

Thanks for reading & watching!

-The B of V

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