How To Style 1 Jumpsuit 5 Ways

I love jumpsuits! They are a great staple to have in your closet, no matter the season! But especially during the Spring and Summer months, we're bombarded with fun, flirty dresses and skirts, that frankly, are not always practical.

I know where I live, the Central Coast of California, we will have the most beautiful weather, but then the afternoon sea breeze kicks in and our hair is all up in our faces and our skirts are flying up showing everyone all the goods!

That's where a great jumpsuit comes in because they have the same effect as a great dress, but with the comfort factor of knowing that if go out for a walk, you won't be showing your whimsical "Tuesday" panties to your neighbor on a Saturday afternoon.

I recommend finding a neutral jumpsuit that you can pair with tons of colors and even prints. These are the best because you can accessorize in so many easy ways that will make it look as if you have 75 entire outfits and not just one item of clothing.

Here are just 5 ways that you can rock a jumpsuit to keep it looking fresh, new, and always stylish!

Note that all of these looks serve to create a waist or focal point! That is key to avoid looking like you're wearing a potato sack or shapeless fabric.

1. Tie-Knot Button Up

Throw a button up on over a jumpsuit and knot it at the slimmest part of your waist to create a really nice silhouette. This look is totally Summer appropriate! I think a button up in a linen fabric, like this one, also adds to the Summer vibe.

When creating the tie-knot, stay aware of the proportions of your clothing on you. For instance, I tied my top right under my bust line so that my torso appears shorter and my legs a lot longer. The length of the jumpsuit is also important, so keep an eye on that. And the length of the sleeve can also play an important part in what the proportions look like. But just have fun with this idea! Whatever looks good to you, great! Rock it! Maybe even an open button up worn over the jumpsuit would look awesome! Who knows!

I'd also suggest trying a pattern or print here. My jumpsuit already has a vertical stripe print, but it's pretty neutral, so the button up I added has polka dots (hard to see in this photo). These prints look nice together because they're both subtle and in no way competing.

2. Layered Over

One of my favorite ways to wear a jumpsuit is over a button up (I am obsessed with a good button up, if you couldn't already tell). What's important here is to be aware once again of the proportions. Thankfully the neckline of the jumpsuit and that of the top meshed nicely. The only issues I had were the lack of a waistline and the sleeves.

First, I added a cute pop of color with the belt. This accentuates a focal point, a waist, so that I am not a blob of fabric. The sleeves also play an important role here. If I roll up the sleeves to meet the same point as the belt, voila, we have extra support in defining a waist!

Something else that I like about this outfit is that the top has a fun texture. Adding visual interest to an outfit takes it from good to great! The shoes you pair with your jumpsuit look is also important. I'm wearing a chunky platform sandal here (and in all 5 looks) that helps to balance out what may appear as a top heavy outfit. Again, it's all about paying attention to proportions!

3. Layered Under

Depending on the type of jumpsuit you're styling, this next tip may or may not work. But if you're working with a light or even semi-light weight jumpsuit, then you're good!

As I've mentioned, I love layering, and that doesn't stop at layering tops. I think it's always fun to try and layer bottoms too! For instance, with this jumpsuit, I can layer this wide leg pant over and make it look like an entirely new look!

What's important here is that the outfit doesn't look bulky or that the jumpsuit is not longer than the pants or skirt you're layering over. The pants I'm wearing are a bit high waisted, so they help make sure that a waistline is defined at some point. If you don't necessarily have that when you attempt to layer, try adding a belt.

And remember, layer items that are complimentary and not completely random. Like don't layer a tafetta ball gown like skirt over a gray waffle knit jumpsuit. That would be strange (but, then again, maybe if you styled it right, it'd be totally cute).

4. Peplum Top

A peplum is also a fun layering tip because you can create a fun new look altogether! Adding a pemplum adds some visual interest, while still providing a proportionate silhouette.

Just make sure the peplum begins at the smallest part of your torso in order to accentuate it. The peplum will then flare out to give you that coca-cola bottle shape.

5. Make it Edgy

A leather jacket always adds some interest and personality to a look! When pairing with a jumpsuit, make sure the jacket fits you well and isn't too long that it covers your bum. If it does, then you're only distorting your proportions, and making your legs looks shorter.

Sometimes pulling up or rolling the sleeves of your leather jacket also provide help in defining your waist or focal point.

Want to watch me style my jumpsuit? Click here or the image below to watch on IGTV now!

Honestly, I am 100% sure you will look radiant in anything you decide to wear! Just remember to WEAR A MASK!

Do you like wearing jumpsuits? How do you prefer to style your jumpsuit?

Thanks for checking out this post!

-The B of V

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