Day Trip to San Francisco's Mission District

For our anniversary, the Instagram Boyfriend, Joey, and I spent a Sunday in San Francisco's Mission District. Joey knows how much I love every aspect of that city, as well as trying out yummy new places to chow down. So he let me pick out a place I had been dying to try, Media Noche.

But before that, I wanted to treat my lovely boyfriend to a proper beard alignment and trim. Joey is a neat freak and very particular person. Most of the time, I love this about him. But when it comes to his beard, even if he has crumbs on it, he won't let me come near it. He has always trimmed it himself, and many times has gone overboard. So where did I decide to take the most stubborn bearded man ever to finally have someone get all up in there and fix his beard? People's Barber Shop.

People's has 3 locations: Oakland, Polk Street, and Valencia Street. We ended up going to the location on Valencia considering the close proximity to Media Noche. The whole time, Joey is telling me that if he has a single doubt about the whole place, he is out. This made me so nervous!

But the vibe when we walked into this place was exactly what I had hoped: chill, sophisticated, masculine without being overwhelming. The ladies at the reception desk promptly greeted us and asked if we needed assistance. Once we confirmed Joey's scheduled appointment with Paul, they asked if we wanted water, tea, or bourbon while we waited. Yes, I said bourbon. This place is the real deal.

Paul did an amazing job! Joey was so excited with his clean cut look! I was relieved he was happy with the result. Not only was it a great experience for the both of us, but it was a great "I told you so" opportunity!

We continued strolling the Mission; took the must-see shortcut through Clarion Alley (put this on your list of things to do in San Francisco), stopped to take in the politically powerful artwork, and continued on our way.

The day was windy and chilly, but once we arrived at Media Noche, we felt like we were in Havana (ooh-na-na....sorry I had to)! The decor is beautifully calming and welcoming. Joey and I looked at each other. He described it as "badass."

The natural colors with modern twists were refreshing and made the small restaurant space feel wider and like you were there to chill with close friends and not just grab a quick bite to eat.

I knew I had to order one of the appetizers, so we went with the Croquetas M.N. For the main event, Joey ordered El Cubano, a sandwich made up of roasted mojo pork shoulder, smoked ham, swiss, house pickles, and mustard. I hate pickles, and I am a feminist, so I ordered the Celia. Obviously named after the Cuban Legend, Celia Cruz, this yummy delight consists of island fried chicken, coconut slaw, avocado, and their famous green sauce (for vegetarians, go with the Gloria. Yes, like Gloria Estefan)!

I can't wait to go back to Media Noche! I regret not trying the desserts or drinks, but maybe next time! Plus, I need to get a better selfie in that banana bathroom!

Have you been to People's or Media Noche? How was your experience? Any recommendations for next time?

Thank for reading!

-The B of V

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