B of V Reviews: Arigato Sushi in Salinas, California

My boyfriend and I absolutely love sushi! But what we love more is finding a new go-to yummy place to eat without having to drive to the city!

As we drove into the parking area we could see a flood of cars in search for parking near the neighboring restaurants: Red Lobster, BJ's Brewhouse, Chipotle. But we didn't see as many flocking into Arigato Sushi. We weren't sure whether to be glad we would be getting a table quickly, or worried that no one seemed to be heading into the restaurant we were excited to be trying for the night.

Much to our surprise, as soon as we opened the doors to the restaurant, we saw just how wrong we were.

The place was packed. As it should be on a Friday night.

Families laughing and sharing dishes. Couples on dates, smiling shyly at each other in the intimate lighting. Guys having a night out drinking a sake at the sushi bar while the game played on the screens above.

The atmosphere of Arigato Sushi is vibrant and welcoming enough that even when the kind hostess let us know it was a 20 minute wait, we gladly stood aside and honestly, just enjoyed being there.

Once seated at a booth, I knew that I wanted an order of the Edamame appetizer. Edamame are boiled green soy beans that are served with a lemon slice. They are a filling and delicious amuse-bouche to the large and exciting sushi menu.

We also had to order the hot green tea because it's just a great way to start a Friday night out in relaxation. My boyfriend is also just obsessed with the cute little mugs they give you to drink out of!

The waitress appeared less than 5 minutes later with our edamame and drinks and to make sure any of our questions on the menu were answered.

The menu is extensive. (Check it out here: https://www.arigatosushisalinas.com/menus-1 )

I honestly don't have a method in choosing a sushi roll to order other than the picture! I mean if it looks good, it must be good, right!? But it did take us about 3 visits from the waitress for us to finally decide; the Spider-Man Roll and the Johnny Roll.

Of course, my comic book nerd boyfriend ordered the Spider-Man Roll which consisted of soft shell crab, avocado and cucumber on the inside and spicy tuna, eel sauce, spicy mayo and tempura crunch on the outside.

I ordered the Johnny Roll because I love shrimp tempura which is on the inside along with crab meat and avocado. On the outside, the roll is topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce, spicy mayo and tempura crunch.

Can I just say, I think this was one of the most delicious and satisfying sushi rolls I've had in quite a while!

Although I feel that both the rolls we ordered were equally delicious and similar in ingredients, I loved that the Johnny Roll had the perfect amount of spice for a Mexican girl like me who loves jalapeños and salsa in almost everything!

All in all, the service was quick and always friendly. The food was fresh, scrumptious and without a doubt a must-try for those who are ever in the area.

The prices are reasonable enough to pick and choose a few things to share and try with your friends and loved ones on a night out. I would recommend showing up a bit earlier than 7pm in order to skip through the wait list, but it is so worth it!

I hope you all try Arigato Sushi out one day soon! Please let me know if you all check this place out and whether you enjoyed it or not!

You can dine in or order online!

Have any suggestions on someplace you'd like me to check out? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

-The B of V

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