Day Trip to Gilroy, California

Last month, Joey and I went on our penultimate day trip of 2019. We wanted to go somewhere that had a clear Fall vibe, and so we picked Gilroy, a town only about a 35 minute drive north from us, and a town recently in the news.

We started our trip into Gilroy with a visit to Sweet Sicily because I had been craving cannolis like mad! And oh my were these delicious! Although Sweet Sicily had many pastry options to choose from we went with a classic and a pistachio cannoli accompanied by a coffee and cappuccino. My favorite out of the two was the pistachio cannoli. Sweet Sicily offers other classic Sicilian dishes besides the pastries. This got us intrigued and excited to come back in the future when our bellies are indeed growling.

From here we headed into the Downtown Gilroy area. This area was pretty quiet on this chilly fall Saturday afternoon. But it looked like the town’s holiday decorations were going up, including a Christmas tree near the Gilroy “Garlic Captal of the World” Mural.

In this downtown area, you can learn a lot about Gilroy including their history as a town, the cowboy era, and about the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival that happens every Summer. Along many business’ windows, you’ll also spot the logo for #gilroystrong that has brought the best out in people after the town tragedy.

Some of the most notable businesses in the area are the antique and collectibles stores. Personally, I love going to antique stores. I usually only buy handbags, but it’s still pretty fun to look around. Joey is not a fan of this pass time AT ALL.

After our stroll down Monterey Road, we headed back south on Highway 101, mainly to find a location for photos, and second to see the cute farm animals right outside The Garlic Shoppe. We weren’t sure who these cutie pies belonged to, but nonetheless, we spent some time giving them names, personalities, and just enjoying them.

Once the horses decided it was time to digest and poop their lunch, we headed toward the barn, also known as The Garlic Shoppe. In there you’ll find all of your garlic needs. This includes garlic popcorn, pickled garlic, garlic seasonings, and of course, garlic ice cream. Joey and I had discussed prior to this day trip that we would definitely give the ice cream a try. Once we actually got in the barn, we chickened out (no pun intended).

Our final stop on this day trip was to the Gilroy Premium Outlets which many travel hours to go to. I used to shop at these outlets with my parents as a kid, and so when I come here, it’s weirdly nostalgic.

So next time you’re driving down the 101, north or south, and you catch the faint smell of garlic, well, you’re probably driving through Gilroy, a versatile, resilient community, ready to welcome you with open arms.

Have you ever been to Gilroy? Where did you go on your visit?

Watch more of my day trip here by clicking the photo below!

Thanks for reading!

-The B of V

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