Building a Blogger Community

A couple of Sundays ago, I drove up to San Bruno and took BART to Powell Street in Downtown San Francisco to meet up with Sonia Begonia and other blogger babes for brunch at Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen.

A few months before, Sonia had been reaching out to creatives in the Bay Area asking if there was any interest in connecting in person to just meet and chat. I was most definitely in because I can always use an excuse to go to the city, drinks mimosas, and talk it up with some interesting creatives!

For the brunch, I wanted to go all out for the Spring (it was a surprisingly sunny and warm day in San Francisco), so I rocked a beautiful dress, the Contrast Strap Cold Shoulder Dress from Eloquii.

After my GPS took me the long way around through the Tenderloin to get to Jasper’s, I finally arrived.

Our table was at the end of the restaurant. I immediately spotted Sonia and her beaming smile. Seated alongside her were Emily, Kati, and Yurina.

As the introductions and conversations started to flow, more girls arrived. In total, there were 8 of us:

Me - @brunette_of_vantes

Sonia - @soniabegoniablog

Emily - @emilykimphoto

Christine - @trendenvy

Katiuska - @itmegatito

Marynel - @shoppineapplecurls

Yurina - @be_yuriyasa

Tanya - @misstanyajean

As we shared our backgrounds, some details about our personal lives and why we started a blog or business, we realized that our individual strengths were those things that weren’t necessarily celebrated all the time of social media.

I shared a bit about my diabetes, and Sonia about her experience with cancer. The girls said it’s probably even more important and powerful of an impact to share these details about ourselves because it isn’t what’s expected out of influencers, but instead, relateable. We might make an impact on a smaller audience than expected, but the people whose attention we do grab, will be fully engaged and committed to following our journeys.

Amid the giddy talk surrounding The Bachelor, we also spoke about diversity and how it’s important to relate to those like us, and anything but like us. We pretty much all had different ethnic backgrounds, but came to the consensus that we should all be allowed a platform like Instagram to spread our mottos and opinions.

Aside from all of these timely topics, there was incredible food! The girls ordered a couple of flights of mimosas that ranged in flavors from the traditional orange to kiwi to blueberry! I ordered The Scrambler which was scrumptious, and came with a side of potato wedges.

After some more chat about our roles as women in society, and showing off pictures with our significant others, we headed out for a photo shoot with Emily.

The girls really wanted to get some pictures in at Maiden Lane but weren’t sure how to get there. Lucky for them, I lived only two blocks away from the famous alley way for three years back in my FIDM days, so I knew exactly where to go.

I had an incredible time shooting with Emily. She is quick, detailed, and talented. Hopefully I will get another chance to set up a photo shoot with her in the future.

During my almost 2 hour drive home, I was able to reflect and appreciate the experience of having had brunch with some truly incredible women.

This brunch also got me thinking, I need to organize a blogger brunch on the Monterey Bay! Who’s down?

Thanks for reading!

-The B of V

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