Crema's Secret Menu

In the Spring of 2019, I was invited by Crema, an espresso and brunch hot spot, in Pacific Grove to attend a private local blogger/social influencer brunching event. I was ecstatic because I love Crema! My friend, Tara, actually introduced me to this place and I enjoyed the food and atmosphere so much, I decided to include it in one of my Day Trip videos (Day Trip to Pacific Grove) earlier this year!

So last Thursday, the Instagram boyfriend and I drove our appetites to PG for breakfast at 8:30am. As I’ve mentioned before, Pacific Grove is such a beautiful little town. I totally fell in love with it during our day trip so it was nice to get to see it this early on a weekday.

Anyway, as we arrived, we saw the Crema coffee shop was already hustling and bustling with people trying to snag, probably their most popular coffee drink, the Fog Breaker (which we tried once upstairs. SO GOOD!). There were also a few people seated outside with coffee in one hand a leash to their adorable pooches in the other. A VIBE for sure!

Immediately entering the restaurant, we knew where to go because we spotted a handful of bloggers circling a table while taking pictures of the food! That signaled to us that the festivities had begun, and that Joey needed to get his camera ready.

We walked in to a beautiful set up amid the gorgeous morning light. There was a mimosa station, a yummy dish on display in the garden room, and the tables were brilliantly set up to include Crema’s original menu, along with their secret menu atop, and a cool Crema cap so we could rep at any time.

Joey was busy getting all the shots (I tried to imitate him with my phone, but I have no skill when it comes to angles), and so I decided to introduce myself to another couple that was there.

Z and Jon were immediately friendly. They are the couple behind the page The Official Inner Fat Kid on Instagram. And you guys, you have to go check out their page! It’ll make you famished! But it’ll also give you some cool ideas on where to go eat, whether it’s on the Central Coast, Bay Area, or London!

As we found our seats, Z suggested we coordinate a plan of attack on this menu we were so excited to dig into. Our initial plan was to each order something different so that we could essentially try 4 different dishes. But the Crema team was so incredible that they made every single item from the menu for everyone in attendance to photograph and try!

So get ready to get hungry because here it is, the Crema SECRET Menu!

The first items we tried (or at least photographed) were the SECRET beverages. I ordered myself a Russian Roulette before I realized it had alcohol, but I tried it anyway. It was really yummy, as all Verve Coffee drinks are. I am typically not a fan of Kahlua, but this beverage was a great mix of coffee and liquor. I will 100% order this again next time I am here for brunch!

I didn’t actually try the Bantum Bloody Mary, only because I had to go to work later in the day. But, Crema’s Bloody Mary was recently awarded Best Bloody Mary in Monterey County, so that should definitely give you a clue as to how amazing this drink is! Plus the presentation was spectacular! A true meal on its own.

Time to talk about food!

The first SECRET item we tried was the Chicken ‘n Biscuits. Oh my gosh was this delicious! This dish consists of Crema’s award winning fried chicken atop a bacon cheddar biscuit with sausage gravy and maple syrup. I know your mouth is watering because just writing this is making me starved!

You would think from the sound of it that this meal is heavy and just too much for brunch, but it isn’t. It’s actually a great option for breakfast, especially if you want to try something resembling comfort food. A definite must-try.

The next item was actually the one I had my eye on and was planning to order off the menu; the Croissant Breakfast Sammy. Now, just so we’re clear, any breakfast sammy you order at Crema is bound to be scrumptious. This warm crispy croissant sammy housed some bacon, hash browns, fried egg, cheese, and avocado, and it was accompanied by some seasonal fruit as well. This SECRET menu item is great if you want something light, easy, and classic.

After trying a staple menu item like the croissant sammy, we went for the Wet & Wild Chili Verde Breakfast Burrito! This burrito has hash browns, fried egg, and chili verde all in a flour tortilla, and topped with Crema’s house salsa and sour cream. Served on the side you’ll also get some black beans with chopped tomato and cilantro.

This is an item you order when you are prepared to feast! It’s massive and delicious. When the waiter brought it out everyone’s eyes opened wide in a bit of amazement. Next time you’re at Crema, order it and see for yourself.

The Roll It Up was my favorite SECRET item! Bacon, eggs, hash browns, and cheese are rolled up in a flour tortilla with charred poblano peppers and caramelized onions to create this delicious breakfast item. Joey actually ordered a separate one just for himself (and he was kind enough to share…ok, fine, I grabbed a half of it while he was taking a sip of his Fog Breaker) it was so good! I would definitely recommend this item to anyone who loves a breakfast burrito or Mexican cuisine inspired breakfast. Or anyone that loves cheese.

And finally, we had the chance to try the beautiful dish sitting in the Garden Room, the Bene Fries! The Bene Fries are potato fries decorated with minced ham, two poached eggs, tomato, avocado, and hollandaise. BOMB! I would recommend ordering this as an appetizer for brunch because they are casual and easy enough to share.

And before the brunch was over, they gave each of us a fresh Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie the size of our face! It was so decadent! You can taste all of their baked treats at the coffee shop downstairs!

We had such a great time at the Crema Blogger Brunch! We hope there is another sometime soon so we can showcase and taste some more amazing menu items!

Thank you again to Tamie, Coty, and the entire Crema team for the invitation, the amazing food and hospitality. It means so much to make a connection with a local business that is truly a treasure of the Central Coast.

Remember, these items are SECRET and exclusively available to those in the know! Does this blog post have you planning a trip to Crema in Pacific Grove anytime soon?

Check out their website and Instagram for more information!

Thanks for reading!

-The B of V

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