Be Your Own Muse

I created Brunette of Vantes in hopes of creating a safe place for fashionistas like me who are working to find inspiration from within.

An important part of my blog is promoting brands that are accessible to all. Although I would love to showcase some Louboutins as I jet set around Ibiza, Cannes and Abu-Dhabi, not only is that far from my price point, but it's also not a very accurate representation of me.

My style philosophy is all about functionality, comfort and having fun.

Why pay $2,500 for a clutch bag you could probably only use on a night out (which then you probably wouldn't want to take beyond the front door to avoid losing it)?

Why settle for a $80 designer crop tee you can only wear with that one pair of high waisted pants in your closet and nothing else because you don't feel comfortable in anything else?

Why stick to black, white, gray and beige just because that's what the celebrities are wearing and magazines have deemed as "on trend?"

Style is what you create when you put yourself together in the morning to go out into the world. Style cannot and should not be defined by what anyone besides the lovely person you see in the reflection each day says it is.

Granted, it's thrilling to be able to see trends on runways and then try them on yourself without having to break the bank. Or to follow a blogger for cool ideas on how to mix and match styles from all seasons. As a fashionista, I live for that!

My hope for my blog and Instagram feed is that they can be a catalyst for people to start to imagine themselves as their own muses. Instead of beauty moguls, singers and reality stars, to put themselves at the center of that style collage they have in their minds.

It can be daunting, I know that first hand. Maybe you can't afford adding to your wardrobe at this point in life. Or you're a few sizes up than you used to be and feel self-conscious. Or you simply have never been interested in fashion.

I'm not a model, nor am I trying to be anything but myself; a 5'6," size 14, 28-year-old Latina from the Central Coast of California that loves anything Disney, adores family above all and practically lives at Target.

Thanks for following along. I encourage you to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions, or to simply say hello!

-The B of V

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