B of V Reviews: Becoming by Michelle Obama

In her best-selling memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama details her warm, turbulent and relatable upbringing on the South Side of Chicago. Becoming is basically the origin story of the powerful and fearless woman many of us have grown to look up to, regardless of her husband being the First Black President of the United States (miss him though).

Honestly, the first half I was reading just waiting for more about her life as Barack Obama's wife. As I kept reading, I realized that obviously this book was not about him, rather the story of her growing into herself, with a small portion of what we saw unfold from 2008-2016 during the Obama Presidency.

Becoming is filled with incredible descriptions of people around her growing up and life changing anecdotes that add more weight and awe to the inspiring words and activism she has accomplished in present day.

Becoming is an amazing read that I think women should use as a tool for inspiration and as an example that yes, those things that seem unattainable are at your reach if you work hard and trust in your journey.

I also think that her story as a Black woman, not just in the public eye, but just as a person in society, is eye-opening and a point-of-view we can all learn from.

If you have seen the Becoming documentary on Netflix (regardless if you've read the book), it's clear that Michelle Obama wants her story to be an example for other women, young and old. She wants them to know that she is like many of us with humble beginnings and big dreams.

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-The B of V

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