B of V Reviews: Smile Brilliant At-Home Teeth Whitening

Like many of you, I have a busy and sporadic schedule. I work full-time as an office administrator at an Army-run project, I help my parents with day to day errands, try to spend quality time with the boyfriend, maintain my life as a Type 1 diabetic as best I can, walk the dog, AND write on my blog and post on Instagram while keeping up with exciting collaborations. And I'm sure this is nothing compared to other peoples' days.

For me, all of these things can become overwhelming and cause me to want to skip over my daily self-care routine. I'm sure you all know what I mean; no face wash, just makeup wipes, forget flossing, yea, not the cutest thing. Instead of skipping over things, why not just condense the time needed without condensing the results wanted?

When Smile Brilliant approached me, I was hesitant to try their product. Not because I had heard or experienced anything unfavorable, but because I am pretty traumatized when it comes to dental care.

When I was about 7, I got braces. I still had baby teeth! After about a year, they removed the braces temporarily so that all of my permanent teeth were fully grown in. Then in third grade, I got them put back on. And if you've had braces before, you know how much they can hurt when being put on and tightened. I hated it! I went through most of elementary school with braces. Oh, and I also had to wear a headgear at night. What a nightmare.

Finally, when I was in 7th grade and going to be a "dama" in my cousin's quinceanera, my mom made the orthodontist take them off. We promptly switched dentist office as well.

To this day, my teeth are not straight. It may be because the orthodontist kept confusing my chart with another girl who had the same name and birthday as I did, but unfortunately, our dental issues were opposites. Anyway, you can see why I tend to be hesitant with elective dental treatments.

But Smile Brilliant provided lots of info about their product and the expected results. They never sold me on anything false and were always clear and available for any questions and concerns I had.

So I gave it a go!

When the Smile Brilliant box arrived I was super excited to see what was inside! The box contained the Catalyst and Base paste I would need to create the teeth molds, the mods for the paste, the whitening and desensitizing gel needed for the actual whitening part, and clear instructions on ever single part of the process.

After going over the instructions a few times, I headed to the bathroom sink to start the impression phase. First, I would need to use the paste from one of the Catalyst containers and one of the Base containers.

I folded these two pastes together until well mixed. Then, as quickly as possible, you place the paste in the mold and proceed to insert it into the mouth and bite down. Once biting down, you wait a few minutes for the paste to harden. After about 3 minutes, you gently pop the mold out. The same process goes for both the top and bottom teeth.

Once the molds look good and have hardened, they should be rinsed with cold water and left in the plastic mold. These molds are then shipped back to Smile Brilliant. They use these molds to create the custom-fitted trays you'll use for the whitening part.

Once Smile Brilliant receives the molds and they have been determined good to go, you should receive the clear flexible trays. Mine fit perfectly and were exact! They were also comfortable! I expected them to be like my old retainer that poked at my gums. But these molds are made of a flexible material that does not poke or prod in any way.

It's best to whiten the teeth just before bed so that you don't eat and stain your teeth all over again soon after.

Before putting the whitening gel into contact with your teeth, it is recommended to brush the teeth with water only.

Then, the whitening gel is placed thinly inside the clear mold. Once all the gel is on, you put the mold on snuggly. You can leave the teeth whitening gel to work for 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your schedule or whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

Once the time suggested has elapsed, you gently remove the trays, and rinse them out with cold water. But, do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. At this point, after rinsing, quickly place the desensitizing gel into the trays as you did the whitening gel. This should be left on for about 20 minutes. The desensitizing gel is supposed to lower the risk of teeth sensitivity, something I know most of us are concerned with when trying out new whitening systems.

The desensitizing gel is what totally won me over and made me a fan of Smile Brilliant!

And it's as easy as that!

Here are some before and after shots! The after pictures were taken after a month of using Smile Brilliant's whitening kit!

Right Side Smile



Left Side Smile



Front View



Now, I whiten my teeth at least 3 times a week! I've recently received compliments about how beautiful my smile is and I thank them and smile even wider knowing that it's all because of the whitening treatment!

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Good luck! And thanks for reading!

- The B of V

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