1 Tip to Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Many of us feel that at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, we’re destined to experience the reverse Cinderella story and that we're actually going to somehow be a different and better person that finally tackles all obstacles and achieves all dreams. Like Santa Clause, we know this to be untrue. We’re our same old procrastinator selves at 11:59 pm on December 31st as we are 12:01 am on January 1st. However, this does not signify defeat or failure either. It should be a wake up call to get us off our bums and out working every last second for what we want.

What’s something you want to do this year? Work to improve your fitness, finally go after that promotion, or learn to set aside more "me-time"? Whatever your goal, big or small, it’s 100% possible! You’re probably asking, “how would you know?”

Well, when I was a kid, I would spend hours cutting up magazines, taping collages together and sticking these collages all over my bedroom walls. These collages consisted of trendy designer accessories, exotic landscapes, and positive messages, among other things. I would go to bed at night looking at all of these images, and feeling the energy of these ideas, these dreams. Even though they were only magazine cut outs, I became familiar with the San Francisco skyline, the cuisine of Italy, and the fashion of Paris. I had never traveled farther than mid Mexico, but I knew these places because I looked at them every night before shutting my eyes and every morning I woke up to start my day.

Years later, now as an adult, I look back: I can't believe I actually lived in San Francisco. I actually ate my way through Italy. And I had the privilege of seeing real fashion art face-to-face in Paris.

Making these images a part of my everyday stopped me from ever thinking, “that will never happen” or “that’s impossible” or the popular “why me?” These collages were more than just goals, but constant reminders of what I was working towards every day. So when I had had a really tough day at school, like that one day my junior year of high school when a Senior boy decided to shove me against the wall in the hallway while calling me a name because of my weight, I would go home and look at my walls and remember that there were better things out there for me if I was patient and persistent.

When I was on the balcony of my beautiful little yellow temporary home on the Amalfi Coast last fall, I remembered that scary moment back in high school. I didn’t remember it and feel sorry for myself. Instead it was an example for myself of how life is malleable.

When things get tough, you could burrow and let these bad experiences get to you. But having the will power to continue believing in your aspirations and surrounding yourself with them can sometimes be what save you.

I also like to think about Rory Gilmore’s (from Gilmore Girls) room and how she was often mocked for having Harvard (then Yale) memorabilia all over her bedroom walls. But I think that that is a perfect example of someone who has goals that they will not for one second give up on.

So, you asked “how would you know?” Well, I don’t actually know, but I do believe that if you make the effort to incorporate these dreams into your everyday life, whether it’s through a collage, mood board, research, talking about them often, you will make them happen, without a doubt.

What are some ways you will try to incorporate your goals into your everyday life? Do you think creating a visual representation of those goals will help you achieve them?

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-The B of V

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