Refinery 29's 29 Rooms Pop-Up in San Francisco

In early 2018, Refinery 29 announced it would be bringing its "Annual Funhouse of Style, Culture, and Creativity" to San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. And with its limited run and endless hype, I knew I needed to get my hands on a ticket!

Whenever there is an event in the city that makes me think "I didn't know that was a thing," it's a clear sign to me that I MUST be there! So when I heard about Refinery 29's event called 29 Rooms would be coming to the city, I was not only curious to know what that meant, but I was excited because I, like many of you, get my news (and horoscopes) from the beloved site.

I then realized upon going to the 29 Rooms website that this wasn't all that new. 29 Rooms has been an annual experience since 2015. But for the first time, the pop-up would be making a few more stops than just NYC and LA. This tour would include San Francisco and Chicago.

So what is 29 Rooms? It's essentially an art exhibit created by artists in a multitude of mediums that showcases a specific idea or philosophy. Refinery 29 collaborates "with a broad range of artists, talent, and brands to create an inclusive, interactive, and highly visual space meant to unlock visitors’ imaginations, spark dialog, and fuel self expression."

And every year has a theme. 2018's theme was "Turn it Into Art."

So come along with me and let's countdown the 29 rooms at 29 Rooms! (You'll notice there are less images as we keep going. This is because you are allotted 3 hours for the entire experience! So we had to pick and choose rooms).

"Become the Masterpiece"

Rooms 1 & 2: Alexa Meade

"Art Heals"

Room 3: The Art of Elysium

"Move and Be Moved"

Room 4: Lizzo

"Love is Love"

Room 5: Katie Moross

"Ocean of Creativity"

Room 6: Jeeyoung Lee

"Shred It"

Room 7: Jake Gyllenhaal

"The Future is Female"

Room 8: Madame Gandhi and Jen Mussari

"Hear Our Voice"

Room 9: Women's March

"Just Be"

Room 10: Ashlee Haze, Jonathan Rosen, and Wallplay


Room 11: Wesley Allsbrook and HandsHandsHands

"Dreamer's Den"

Room 12: Juno Calypso and Darby Walker

Photo from @DarbyAnneWalker's Instagram

"Erotica in Bloom"

Room 13: Maisie Cousins

"Extraordinary Duo"

Room 14: Häagen-Dazs Brand

"The Womb"

Room 15: Cleo Wade

Photo from 29 Rooms' Instagram (@29Rooms)

"Rainbow Voyage"

Rooms 16 & 17: Marina Fini

"Bright Future"

Room 18: Planned Parenthood

"Pure Infusion"

Room 19: Pure Leaf

Photo from 29 Rooms' Instagram (@29Rooms)

"Everyday Escape"

Room 20: Bravo

"Seen & Unseen"

Room 21: Juco

"Tell Us Your Secret"

Room 22: Paul Feig and Anna Kendrick for A Simple Favor

Photo from A Simple Favor's Instagram (@ASimpleFavor)

"Tell Us Your Frequency"

Room 23: Janelle Monae

"Power Parlor"

Room 24: Demi Lovato

"Gender Neutral"

Room 25: Jill Soloway's Topple and Xavier Schipani

Photo from 29 Rooms' Instagram (@29Rooms)

"Tales We Tell"

Room 26: Emma Roberts and Belletrist

"Once Upon a Time..."

Room 27: Jessica Alba for Baby2Baby


Room 28: Chloe x Halle and Benjamin Shine

"The 29 Rooms Collection"

Room 29: Refinery 29

Did you get a chance to attend 29 Rooms? What was your favorite room?

And here are a couple more bonus shots at 29 Rooms!

-The B of V

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