Philz Coffee Secret Menu

Before I was invited to a tasting at one of their San Francisco locations, I had never tried Philz Coffee (insert gasp here). But now I'm obsessed with their secret menu! Want in? Keep reading!

When the lovely Vanessa from @vanessmedel messaged me an invite to a coffee tasting, I immediately and excitedly said yes because I had never met her before, but had heard from other Instabloggers that she was a sweetheart. Also, coffee was involved and I couldn't say no to that!

Upon arriving to this busy and buzzing location, we knew it was going to be a great start to our day. The Instagram boyfriend was excited to start shooting as many pictures as possible with his brand new camera, and I was excited to see some familiar faces, as well as new ones.

Vanessa was an incredible host, introducing every single blogger babe that walked in to make sure we all felt welcomed and excited for the tasting that was to follow.

Once we had all arrived, we were seated at a beautiful table, adorned with bright floral arrangements by @GreeneryalaJcap and baked goodies that the Instagram Boyfriend couldn't take his eyes off of.

Jessica, the Philz Dogpatch Store Lead was an incredible cohost, talking about the origins of the company, the inspiration behind the secret menu items, as well as her personal favs from the classic menu.

(Now to the good part, literally).

The first item that was served at the tasting was the Salted Toffee. This was my favorite item from the menu. It was the perfect amount of sweet, and I totally stole IG boyfriend's sample.

The next item was the Mocha Mint Chip. This item came chilled and with a mint leaf as decoration. It wasn't my personal favorite, but I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more as a warm drink. I let IG boyfriend steal my sample.

The final items to taste were the Iced Hibiscus Oasis and Iced Apple Pie Tea. Both were amazingly refreshing! The Oasis was inspired by a traditional Mexican drink, Agua de Jamaica, so I definitely tasted some familiar flavors I love.

The Apple Pie Tea was a pleasant surprise that tasted like a mixture of fall and all-American apple pie! Since every single one of these drinks can be ordered hot or cold, I know that when the leaves start turning yellow, I will be at Philz Dogpatch ordering this warm yummy tea!

And you can try each and every one of these "secret" menu items by going to the Minnesota Street location and ordering your pick!

If you are a babe on a hurry but want to grab a cup of Philz on the go, download the Philz Coffee app to customize, order, and pick-up your order in a snap!

Philz Coffee locations can be found all over San Francisco, as well as the Peninsula, South Bay, East Bay, North Bay, Sacramento Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

Have you ever tried Philz Coffee? What's your favorite item from their menu? Don't have a Philz near you? What's the name of your fav coffee shop? What does your typical order consist of?

Thank you for the invite Vanessa! And thank you to Jessica and Philz Dogpatch for hosting such a fun and informative get together!

-The B of V

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