B of V Reviews: Chriselle x J.O.A

Chriselle Lim was one of the first fashion bloggers that I came across when I bit into the emerging blogger trend. She is a style influencer that has empowered many through her experience as a wardrobe stylist. As mentioned on her page, The Chriselle Factor, she is the #1 Fashion Expert on all of YouTube! That's pretty incredible, and every blogger's dream!

J.O.A. (Just One Answer) is an LA based brand that has been around since 2013. I had actually never heard of them, but am going to be adding them to my list of brands to browse whenever I'm at Nordstrom.

When I saw my fellow blogger, Closet_Luxe (who was also featured in one of my posts a couple of weeks ago), doing a try on session of Chriselle x J.O.A. and reviewing how the line could work for petite women, I knew I HAD to try on at least one piece from the line. I was curious to find out how this line could work for the everyday girl who is not a size 2.

Immediately, the pricing bummed me out. It's a bit more than a budget girl like myself is willing to spend, but if the fit is as exquisite as Chriselle's style, then these are truly investment pieces.

Her look book is perfection. I wanted every single piece (wish list is featured at the end of this post), but I opted for the Cocoon Sleeve Dress because it gave me a Roman Holiday in Lake Como kind of vibe.

This Roman Gold color is not only a popular color this year, but it looks fab on me, if I do say so myself! At $90, it was a bigger than normal purchase for me because I tend to spend less than that on an entire outfit! But I was excited nevertheless.

When the dress finally arrived, I stopped what I was doing to go and try it on. First off, the fabric was not my favorite. It was a polyester/elastane mix, which means it is not going to be very breathable. These fibers are also a pain to iron so I would recommend steaming this dress out the day before wearing.

I ordered the size 14 (XL). I remembered Christina (Closet_Luxe) saying it was a bit tight on her at the waist so that made me nervous.

But the dress fit. It was very snug at the waist. I knew that the self fabric belt was not going to look good considering the incredibly cinched waist this dress was giving me. I found this gorgeous wide belt from Universal Thread at Target and threw it on. Perfect! It added that much needed flair to a statement dress like this!

Oh and did I mention it has pockets!?

The dress was gorgeous and the length and style were so me! But was it worth $90? Was I going to wear this all spring and summer long? Was this truly an investment piece? No.

I returned the dress because I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable enough in this fabric, especially with the days getting warmer and warmer. The tightness at the waist was also not cute and totally killed the opportunity of me ever wearing this dress without a belt. It was not an investment, rather an unnecessary splurge.

This was the only piece from Chriselle x J.O.A. that I tried on. I wish I could have tried more because I think the line has incredible potential to amp up any fashionista's game. So here is my dress, as well as a few of the other pieces I wish I could have tested out for myself!

Cocoon Sleeve Dress - $89

Asymmetrical Trench Dress - $112

Blazer Minidress - $115

Boyfriend Blazer - $109

Tiered Sleeve Minidress - $118

I'd love to see and hear about how you all style and feel about this collaboration! Be sure to tag Brunette of Vantes or use the hashtag #bovonabudget!

-The B of V

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