7 Ways to Make Your Space More Comfortable

This is probably the millionth post talking about how we should take this time social distancing to be productive, to workout, and just basically do the most. And you know, if you can and are able to do those things, that's amazing!

But many of us may not even be living in our own homes. We may have roommates or be renting, or living in a temporary place, or we may still be living with family. Not that these are negative situations, but sometimes they can cause us to hesitate when trying to make our spaces comfortable or more to our liking. But how can we feel even somewhat at peace if we aren't surrounded by things that bring us a sense of self?

Now, making a space your own doesn't mean completely redecorating. It's all in the details. Here is a list of items that can bring some joy to your space and make it feel like home.

1. Candles

I love burning a candle in my bedroom because it makes it feel calm and more zen. Also, I love the beautiful warm smell of gardenia or lavender. It's the next best thing to the smell of coffee brewing in the morning.

Left to right: 1. Aromatherapy Relax Black Chamomile 3-Wick Candle - $24.50, Bath & Body Works

2. Floral Press Candle - $15, Anthropologie

3. Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves Candle - $39, Boy Smells

4. Saturday Morning Cartoons 100% Soy Wax Candle - $16, WitchyWicksCandleCo on Etsy

5. San Francisco Candle - $29.95, Homesick

2. Pillows

My favorite times of day are either in the morning or just before going to sleep when I can curl up with a good book. And nothing makes this more comfortable than cozy pillows.

Left to right: 1. Derick Shag Throw Pillow - $38, Wayfair

2. Koolaburra Amarah Sherpa Standard Pillow - $30, UGG

3. Lorna Backrest Pillow - $30, Wayfair

4. Square Color Block Faux Fur Throw Pillow Burgundy/Pink - $25, Target

5. Lanna Ivory Round Sheepskin Pillow - $49, Article

3. Pillow & Facial Mists

My nightime skincare routine always includes a bit of clarifying facial mist (see My Nighttime Skincare Routine here). I also like to spray a pillow mist before crawling into bed. My favorite is a mist that smells like lavender or rose! These sprays help me feel refreshed before going to bed and calling it a day.

Left to right: 1. Lavender Moon Body & Pillow Mist - $10, Pacifica

2. Slip Sleep Mist - $32, Sephora

3. Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater - $7, Mario Badescu

4. Home Spray - $10, The Laundress

5. Sweet Dreams Eucalyptus Pillow Mist - $8, Old Navy

4. Blankets

Whether you're wrapped up in them or not, throw blankets make a room look much more cozy, warm, and welcoming. Plus, if it is chilly, you can cover up in something equally soft and pretty!

Left to right: 1. Cozy Pom Pom Throw, 50 x 60" -$39, Pottery Barn

2. Classic Sherpa Throw Blanket - $40, Bed Bath & Beyond

3. Ruched Faux Fur Throw - $30, Target

4.100% Organic Cotton Blankets Throws - $69, Dynamikos

5. Warm Tassel Aria Throw Blanket - $40, Cost Plus World Market

5. Pet Beds

We want all of our fur babies to be as comfortable and warm as we are at home. I know my dog, Wally, has a bed in almost every room, but of course, he has his favorite which is a huge fluffy one.

Left to right: 1. Badlands Pendleton Pet Bed - $89, Pottery Barn

2. Espresso Elnora Hooded Dog Bed - $24, Wayfair

3. Shag Self-Heating Orthopedic Bolster Cat & Dog Bed - $35, Chewy

4. Gray Larry Orthopedic Foam Convertible Sofa Pet Bolster - $38, Wayfair

5. Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed - $50, Chewy

6. Nature & Art

We don't always have access to floral arrangements and bouquets, especially right now when we're only really trying to shop essentials. But seeing beautiful blooms during the day around my space just makes me smile! Artwork can also be a great way to express the type of environment we want to create. I beautiful blend of both of these things can really change your mood while in your space.

Left to right: 1. Natural Dried Pampas Grass Decor - $6, RetroRadical on Etsy

2. Cherry Blossom in Large Vase Pink - $32, Target

3. Nature-Inspired Decor - $30, The Apollo Box

4. (Set of 2) 16" x 20" Floral Photography Framed Print - $50, Target

5. Flower Wall Hanging - $44, ElizabethandDavid on Etsy

7. Storage

You may be thinking "Storage? Where's the comfy in that?" But I truly believe that if you have appealing storage that you love looking at, you'll be more likely to tidy up and keep your space neat. And if your space is neat, you'll feel comfortable and at peace with your surroundings.

Left to right: 1. Natural Pine Scandinavian Clothes Rack - $97, Walmart

2. Bamboo Entryway 8 Pair Shoe Rack - $40, Wayfair

3. Small Paper Rope Decorative Basket Pink - $12, Target

4. Bamboo Nesting Lidded Baskets Set of 4 - $39, West Elm

5. 18" x 11" Decorative Wire Basket - $26, Target

What room in your home is your favorite space? What makes it your favorite space?

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how you make your house feel like a home. Send me a message or DM and let me know!

Best of luck to all of you lovelies! I know it's a strange time, but we gotta hang in there. We can do this! Stay safe at home!

Thanks for shopping!

-The B of V

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