30 Curvy Influencers to Follow NOW!

The main reason I joined Instagram and decided to blog and share about my life, including the part of my life as a plus-size fashionista, was because I didn't have anyone to look towards for inspiration growing up. Yes, I admired the beautiful women in my family, but the lack of representation, both when it came to my body type and ethnicity, was glaringly apparent when I browsed through magazines, film, and fashion.

After high school, I moved to Los Angeles to attend FIDM. I felt out of place because the only beacon I had were the girls deemed "pretty", "perfect", "sexy", "attractive", "hot", and a million other adjectives I could not relate to. These girls were thin, blonde, and bikini ready at all times. I was a size 14 Mexican-American girl with olive skin who wouldn't be caught dead at the pool let alone in a swimsuit. At the time I didn't understand that both of those descriptions were in fact beautiful.

After almost a year, I moved to San Francisco.

I don't know if it was the city itself, or the fact that my personality just meshed better with the city by the bay, but I felt like I was able to discard all of the definitions of those words I mentioned before. Hell, I discarded some of those words from my mind and vocabulary entirely.

I was no longer getting dressed thinking, "is this sexy?" I was thinking, "does this look like me?" It is a long road and I'm still working towards getting to that point everyday. Through learning about myself and becoming independent, I eventually gained momentum towards the right direction.

Once I moved back to Salinas, I realized I needed a new creative outlet. That's how Brunette of Vantes was born. But, I also needed a community and role models to look towards. I started finding all of these amazing influencers/bloggers/models, that looked like me and/or knew what life as a curvy woman was like in a world that was obsessed with defining beauty as thinness.

Over the years, I've found so many accounts that lift my spirits whenever I'm bummed that a store doesn't carry my size or because my belly is making me feel self-conscious.

This list only includes 30 women, but trust me there are countless (hopefully I can share more soon) that I could mention.

These women are not amazing because they are curvy. They are simply amazing and they just happen to be gorgeously curvaceous.

One thing I do have to mention is that I wish there was much more diversity among the curvy influencer community. I would love to update and add to this list soon. So if you have suggestions on who I should add, PLEASE send me a DM!

Anyway, without further ado, check out these 30 Curvy Influencers you should be following now!

1. @thatblonderebel

2. @smilesandpearlss

3. @jaime_jetaime

4. @nabela

5. @roseybeeme

6. @sassyredlipstick

7. @iambeauticurve

8. @anabeth.jpg

9. @glamazondiaries

10. @stylepluscurves

11. @tummysociety

12. @denisemmercedes

13. @maddy_gutierrez_

14. @stylishcurves

15. @noelledowning

16. @musingsofacurvylady

17. @hellostefaninicole

18. @fiercelyjulie

19. @olgadofficial

20. @nicolettemason

21. @mindycityy

22. @nataliemeansnice

23. @katiesturino

24. @itsmekellieb

25. @tessholiday

26. @withwonderandwhimsy

27. @anneandkathleen

28. @erikaaguileraa

29. @iamplusblog

30. @thriftyfatty

Also, I want to emphasize that ALL bodies are beautiful! I don't want to make it seem as though I'm saying one type is "better" or "acceptable." All bodies are perfect and should be celebrated!

As I mentioned before, representation is very important! I would love to hear your suggestions, as well as names of influencers who inspire you!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

-The B of V

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