3 Summer 2019 Trends to Wear NOW!

I’m not sure why, but Summer tends to throw me for a loop. I get overwhelmed by the longer days and heat, and totally forget about being trendy, and really just want to focus on comfort. Who can relate?

But no matter what, we still want to look presentable and cute for ourselves right? What helps me is to outline just a few easy trends for myself so that I don’t get caught up worrying about what I’m going to wear! So here are my top three Summer trends that any one of us fashionista babes can totally rock!

Animal Prints

Animal prints are a fun way to show some personality while still keeping the color palette neutral. Classic animal prints are neutrals themselves and can be combined with brighter colors and other traditional prints and patterns.

Recently, I’ve seen animal prints in neon and brighter shades. Although the print itself is a classic, this is definitely a trend (or fad. Fad has a negative connotation, but it basically means it’s a trend that will not be moving past a few seasons at most…like bike shorts). I would encourage you to totally try out this trend if it appeals to you. It’s the perfect season to do it!

Here are a few trendy animal print pieces to get you started!

Floral Prints

Florals, groundbreaking, I know. But they are a must wear during the Summer. Whether you're a fan of all over floral or just a pop, floral is a traditional trend that anyone can try and experiment with.

The size of the florals is also a fun thing to play with. Why not try a small floral print on a top and a larger floral print on the bottom for dimension and interest.

Here are some lovely floral pieces that’ll make you want to stop and smell the roses.

Earth Tones

Now you may be thinking, “Earth tones? But it’s Summer! Shouldn’t I be wearing ALL the color?!” The answer is yes, definitely, if that’s your thing! But if you want to maintain an easy breezy Summer wardrobe, adding earth tones and neutrals will only make those pops of color pop more! Also, earth tones just tend to look extremely chic when worn during the warmer months.

A trend among earth tones that I’ve spotted is the use of geodes or crystals, whether literally or in terms of shades and prints. I love this branch of this trend because it feels so goddess-like and so effortless. Tell me you wouldn’t feel like a queen in an alabaster summer dress with some purple geode earrings?

Here are some fresh earth tones to get your Summer wardrobe going!

Whatever trends you choose to work with this Summer season, I hope you feel fierce, fresh, and fabulous!

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to post and tag me, @brunette_of_vantes, on social media! I love to see how you guys style seasonal trends!

-The B of V

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