10 Questions with Instagram Bloggers: RuthieFonseca, AndNancySays and BlushfulBelle

All photos of Ruthie are courtesy of @RuthieFonseca. All photos of Nancy are courtesy of @AndNancySays. All photos of Chantelle are courtesy of @BlushfulBelle.

Whenever I reach out to blogger babes to ask if they would like to be a part of "10 Questions with Instagram Bloggers," I always make sure to ask people that I know my fellow Instafriends will find fascinating and relatable. I also want to make sure that I choose women who are completely unique from each other, except for the fact that they are 100% true to themselves and showcase that beautifully through pictures. So now I am pleased to introduce to you: Ruthie, Nancy, and Chantelle.


If you are looking for inspiration from a true body positive blogger, look no further than RuthieFonseca! She showcases clothing and swimsuits alongside her bubbly personality and confident smile so perfectly, you're going to want to share a closet with her! I know I do!


AndNancySays' feed is eclectic and fun you just want to read a novel about each and every photograph! She is an art director in San Francisco and her talent is obvious. Now go check out her page, a curated Instagram art exhibit.


You've probably seen me mention before that BlushfulBelle was actually my roommate in Los Angeles! And it's so great to see her again (although only through IG) wearing fabulous #ootds, living her best life with her hubby, and always showing off her love of Disney!

10 Questions with Ruthie, Nancy, and Chantelle

1. What's a skill you would like to master?

Ruthie: "Dancing salsa! Kinda embarrassing to be a Puerto Rican that doesn't know how to!"

Nancy: "I'm very awkward when it comes to public speaking, I just don't do it enough and I put it off way too much so I would love to dedicate some time to practice and improve my public speaking skill."

Chantelle: "Public Speaking."

2. What's your favorite season and why?

Ruthie: "Definitely spring, there is just something about seeing the flowers beginning to bloom, and the fresh crisp air that puts a pep in my step."

Nancy: "SUMMER: 1. All the fruit in season, 2. Day light is longer so I can stay out longer and explore more, 3. All the fun clothes to wear and I don't have to bundle up and feel like a balloon, 4. Warm weather just fuels me and gives me energy."

Chantelle: "This question always stumps me because I feel like I’m constantly changing my mind! I’m going to go with Spring :) "

3. Who has impressed you most with what they've accomplished? 

Ruthie: "A lot of people wont agree with me, but I give MAJOR props to the Kardashians. To think that it all started with a sex tape! Kim had a choice to either hide from it, or use it to her advantage, and she choose the later and I think its simply genius! To see how that 1 decision literally changed the lives of every single person in her family is insane. They are hands down one of the most famous people in the world and they don't sing, act, play a sport or anything. They have just learned how to benefit from their fame and create their own brands and there is no sign of them stopping."

Nancy: "Oh Joy, she's a great role model and her 2 daughters are the cutest. She has an amazing design career in interior design, baby clothing and accessories, party supplies, and the list goes on . I've watched her grow on Instagram and her positivity is infectious. She's written a book about blogging which I've read but still haven't yet to read the one about owning your own creative business."

Chantelle: "Julia Engel is my favorite blogger and style icon. After following her journey for the last few years, it’s been amazing to see not only how her style has evolved but how she was able to launch her own successful clothing line! She is proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible."

4. What's a fad or trend you hope comes back?

Ruthie: "These are kinda coming back now, but I love a good scrunchie!"

Nancy: "A lot of trend right now is pastels and lots of frills. While I don't mind it, I kind of miss that punk influence in fashion since I grew up with it."

Chantelle: "Milky Pens & Beanie Babies."

5. There are two types of people in this world. What are the two types?

Ruthie: "Leaders and Followers. I know that sounds cliche, but you are either leading the way and making a change in the world, or you are following others. I choose to lead the way :) "

Nancy: "Positive folks vs. negative folks."

Chantelle: "Disney-obsessed and non-Disney obsessed."

6. What was your first pet? If you haven't had one, what's your dream pet?

Ruthie: "My first pet was a dog named Rusty, I barely remember him though since I was a baby."

Nancy: "First pet is my cat Patrick and he's an orange tabby who likes to lick on plastic bags before getting fed and loves a good cuddle and petting every night. I'm enslaved to him forever."

Chantelle: "My Siamese cats Calvin & Hobbes!"

7. Is there an article of clothing or outfit that you wanted to wear 24/7 as a kid?

Ruthie: "I had this short sunflower dress, with it matching hat, and my sister also had the same, i remember I wore that quite a few times. Also my jelly flats!"

Nancy: "Baggy tshirts as dresses—I love to be comfy."

Chantelle: "I definitely wore my Princess Jasmine Halloween costume well after October was over."

8. If you could brunch with 3 people (alive or deceased) who would you pick and why?

Ruthie: "Oprah, because let's be honest, who wouldn't? Chelsea Handler because she is beyond hilarious and actually cares about the state of the world right now and is trying to educate herself in order to educate others, I think there is so much to learn from her. And Busy Phillips because she is witty AF, funny and so relatable."

Nancy: "I had such a hard time picking out 3. But here it is: 1. Wes Anderson because I would love to pick at his brains and learn about his process and also his aesthetics is so inspirational. 2. Wong Kar Wai, the second filmmaker I'm highly influenced by, would love to have a talk with him and get his opinions on everything. 3. Yayoi Kusama, besides the fact that she's an amazing artist, she just seems like such a fun person to meet."

Chantelle: "Walt Disney (I am fascinated by him!), Nat King Cole (my favorite singing voice) & Reese Witherspoon (I think we could be BFFs in real life)."

9. What inspires you to create content for your Instagram and/or blog?

Ruthie: "Anytime I get a message from one of my followers saying that one of my posts helped them feel better about themselves, that just makes everything worth it! Being able to help girls accept themselves is honestly the reason I started doing this in the first place and still keeps me going!"

Nancy: "I love fashion and photography and decided that I should do something about it at the end of last year and take myself more seriously. Instagram's just been amazing since it opens doors to other like minded creators and I don't know why I've been so shy about reaching out to the people that I've admired for many years. Now I'm not afraid of speak my mind as much and actually reach out to the creators that I look up to."

Chantelle: "I am inspired by many things...travel, nature, a window display, a design on a plate...inspiration can strike at any moment!"

10. What advice would you have for your 12 year old self?

Ruthie: "Not to focus so much on your weight and to love her body. We don't all look the same, and she is beautiful just the way she is. Honestly girls are just jealous that they don't have your boobs and boys are mad that you wont give them the time of day...lol."

Nancy: "Spend less time wishing and spend more time doing."

Chantelle: "God has a plan and purpose in everything; be still and know that He is in control."

Thank you to these gorgeous ladies for connecting with me and being a part of this installment of "10 Questions with Instagram Bloggers!"

Thank you all for reading! Be sure to stop by these ladies' feeds and say hello!

-The B of V

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