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Tee Time

Sometimes a button up shirt is too stuffy. Sometimes a delicate lace blouse is too dainty for the look you're going for. And sometimes a graphic tee is just what you need to add a dose of cool to an outfit and also be a bit more comfy than usual.

Here are a few fun graphic tees you can shop now! You can also shop the Speak Love tee I'm wearing here!

"We Are All Human" - Forever 21

I love tees with simple sayings like this that show something deeper than a sense of style. And you can never go wrong with pink!

"Send Me Dog Pics" - Forever 21 Plus

Tees with funny and relatable sayings like this always bring a smile to my face! And I'm not kidding, send me dog pics. Cats even.

"I Can Buy My Own Drink" - Nordstrom

Why not go a little different than the popular "Feminist" and "Girl Power" tees and say a similar thing with a bit more whit, and maybe even humor.

"Happiness Blooms From Within" - H&M

It's always nice to wear something that makes you feel happy and confident. Why not rock a graphic tee that reminds you to keep it going all day long?

"Lost at Sea Navy" - Old Navy

Don't get me wrong, San Francisco is the city that'll hold my heart forever, but this NYC tee is pretty cool.

Whatever your cup of "tee", you have so many options in terms of styling! Pair it with a mini skirt like I did, or some boyfriend jeans, or even a pair of sexy leather leggings! Keep all accessories minimal, but go crazy with color if you must!

I would love to see how you all choose to take these style tips and incorporate them into your lives! Be sure to tag me and let me know if this post helped! I love to hear from you guys!

-The B of V

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