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A Pop of Glossier

This no-nonsense skincare and makeup line had the style and beauty blogging community talking this past month! Was it really worth the hype?

Earlier this month, I decided to head over to San Francisco to check out the hot spot of the month, the place every girl was posting pictures about on Instagram: the Glossier Pop-Up at Rhea's Café.

I took a whole Monday off of work to visit this place because I had heard and read about the insane long lines to get into the building. The line was so long at one point, people were fed French fries while they waited! As I arrived to the purple and pink corner café, I was relieved to see no line, but still enough people to keep the good vibes going.

Immediately walking in, I could smell Rhea Cafe's fried chicken sandwiches in the air and then be welcomed by the friendly Glossier ladies and décor. It was exciting to see the stations where all of their products were lined up and ready to be tested out. I loved that the experience was hands-on. Since I had never tried this brand before, it was refreshing to actually get to try it on myself without the pressure of buying anything.

The products I was most excited to check out were Boy Brow, Lidstar, Generation G and, Balm Dotcom.

I did not go into the skincare too much just because I did not know enough about it to invest money into purchasing the cohesive line. But I do want to try it sometime in the near future, especially the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and the Moisturizing Moon Mask.

The entire café was Instagram worthy! Even the bathroom! There were also so many other bloggers, it was actually thrilling to see how busy this place was on a Monday. I didn't want to leave, but Instagram boyfriend can only take so much.

I ended up picking up the Boy Brow in black for myself and brown for my mom, the Lidstar in Lily, Generation G in Red, and Balm Dotcom in several different scents.

So far, I love every single item that I purchased! They look great on and are just enough, never too much or too flashy!

The Boy Brow, one of their best selling items, is my new favorite item I use in my everyday makeup routine! It is pigmented enough that it's great for everyday wear, especially when you don't have the time to fill in your eyebrows in the AM.

I'm not a huge fan of eyeshadows, but the Lidstar is by far the best eyeshadow I've ever worn! It is so easy to apply and just looks stunning!

Whenever I'm trying out a new brand, I'm always curious to wear their red lipstick because I see it as a sign of whether or not this line is going to work for me. And boy do I love Generation G! It feels like I'm wearing a moisturizing lip balm and nothing more. It's perfection really!

The Balm Dotcom is another item I've added to my everyday routine. You know in the middle of the day when your lips are super chapped after biting on them throughout stressful mornings? Yea, I have that problem too. But this lip salve helps soothe my lips while also smelling so good! Some of them even have a bit of tint to them!

Although I'm bummed it was only a temporary location, I'm glad I can still check out Glossier online. If you live in NYC, be sure to visit their showroom. If not, check them out online to make sure you are the first to find out about any of their future pop-up locations!

Have you tried Glossier before? Thoughts? Did you visit the San Francisco pop-up? How did you like it?

Always excited to hear back from you peeps! There are a few ways to reach out to me! Comment on this or any post, head over to the Contact page to send me a message, or check out my Instagram and shoot me a DM!

-The B of V

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